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Mold Study


Due to the increased interest in preventing mold growth, the attached study was commissioned by Icynene with Dr. David Straus at the Texas Tech Department of Microbiology and Immunology.  Dr. Strauss is one of the country’s leading experts on mold.


In order for mold to grow, a condition of temperature, water, food source, and mold spores must be present.


When Icynene is used as the insulation in wall, ceiling or roof structures it creates an air seal, R-value, and with a perm factor of 4, and an effective moisture barrier as well.


The air seal prevents the infiltration of mold spores, the low perm factor helps prevent moisture content from diffusion and, as the study demonstrates, Icynene is not a food source for mold spores.  The only way mold could be grown in an Icynene environment was after the introduction of water and an outside food source in the presence of mold spores.


According to Dr. Strauss, Icynene is the only building material he has tested that mold will not grow on.


Therefore, we can conclude that structures utilizing Icynene as the insulation product are significantly less likely to ever develop mold growth.