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February 12, 2003


Mr. Donny Beicker
757 North 123 Bypass 
Suite 200
Sequin, Texas 78155

RE: 1997 Standard Building Code    
        Section 1203.1.3 Clarification of nonvented roof assembly

Dear Mr. Beicker,

Attics not used for habitable purposes shall have provisions for the emission of excess heat. This would require "ventting" of the attic space. However, if the attic space is included within the conditioned space, i.e., the roof assembly Is insulated and the attic space is not separated from the habitable space with insulation, the code official may not require provisions for the emission of excess heat from the attic space.

We are pleased to provide you with the opinions stated herein. It should be noted, however, that the final Interpretation is the responsibility of the local building official.


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