To  :Icynene Licensed Dealers
From:Ed Reeves, Engineering Manager
Date:November 18, 2003
Re  :Elk Roofing Products

Elk Roofing products have recently issued a new bulletin titled 
This bulletin confirms that Elk roofing products have been approved for use with
Icynene* in the unvented attic application since September 28, 1999. This bulletin is an
update and is intended to replace their letter of March 20, 2002.

We have much longer experience with unvented attic systems than stated in this
bulletin. This however defines the extent of our experience with Elk roofing products.
Point number 5 is an addition to the details contained in the original letter. This
statement means that it is the responsibility of the design professional to define the
requirement for mechanical ventilation of the occupied space.  This fits with the
message that we convey, build them tight and ventilate right.

We will receive printed copies of this bulletin for you to use. These can be obtained
from Icynene.


This will confirm Elk premium roofing products have been approved for use with 
spray-in-place Icynene Insulation System since September 28, 1999, and carry the full limited warranty 
according to the following:

1. All structural roof work including decking/sheathing is in place and in compliance 
with local codes.

2. The Icynene Insulation System� is applied in accordance with the manufacturer's 
specifications and guidelines to the underside of the roof decking/sheathing and complies with 
local codes.

3. Apply Elk starter strip, Elk hip and ridge shingles, and Elk field shingles 
in accordance with the recommendations printed on each bundle wrapper. Elk hip and ridge shingles will 
carry thelimited warranty period applicable to the Elk field shingles.

4. Elk will not be responsible for any deficiencies or movement of the roof deck, 
manufacturing defects in the fasteners resulting in their failure to perform, and/or improper 
application of the substrate or Elk fiberglass shingles.

5. It is the responsibility of the design professional to examine the need for 
structural ventilation and to ensure interior air quality. For any building, construction must be in compliance 
with local codes.

For our product specifications, limited warranties, or other information regarding 
Elk premium roofing products, please contact the Elk location nearest you or visit 
our web site at

For information regarding The Icynene Insulation System, please call 800-758-7325 
or visit then" web site at

TBSD 001 Date Issued 9/23/03

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