What's So Hot About Cool Roofs?

A Cool Roof reflects the sun's energy from the roof surface, reducing the roof surface temperature by 50 to 100 degrees. By reducing the heat transfer into the building, cool roofs help lower energy costs (by keeping the attics and ducts cooler) and improve occupant comfort. Cool materials for low-slope roofs are mainly bright in color, although non-white colors are available for sloped roof applications.


Cool Roofs must also have high emissivity values, allowing them to emit infrared energy. Bare metals and metallic coatings are not considered cool roof materials. Think of the phrase "Cat on a hot tin roof!" Cool Roofs also cut maintenance costs, prolong roof life while lowering life cycle cost, and reduce urban "heat island" effect associated with smog. You can experience these benefits by incorporating Cool Roof Solutions into your building.


Solve Your Roof Leak Problems







Extend Your Roof Life

  • Stop Damaging UV Rays That Accelerate Degradation
  • Lower Roof Temperature Reduces Damaging Building Movement
  • With Minimal Maintenance, Roof Will Last Indefinitely
  • Eliminate Leaks


Reduce Your Energy BIlls

  • Reduce Heat Gain In Building
  • Reduce Cooling Requirements
  • Improve Building Comfort





Protect The Environment

  • Reduces Fossil Fuel Usage
  • Eliminates Tear-Offs
  • Reduces Air Pollution
  • Energy StarŪ Rated





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